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You Should Ask These Questions

Harold Popp, MA HI License 346

 Craig Popp MA HI License 652

Answers to the following important questions should be ascertained from the seller and/or the seller's representative.  We suggest that you submit them to your real estate agent prior to the inspection.  


To the Best of Your Knowledge as the Seller and/or Seller's Representative:



(a) Does the dwelling have a history of seepage, dampness, and/or water penetration into the basement and/or under floor crawl space? If so please explain.

(b) Has a sump pump ever been installed or used in the basement/under floor crawl space?

(c) Do you use any type of dehumidification in any part of the dwelling?

(d) Are you aware of any mold and/or air quality issues in the dwelling?

(e) Is the dwelling on a private sewage system?

1. If the waste system is private, has a Title V inspection been completed, and is the completed Title V Report available for review?


2. Has the dwelling ever been inspected and/or treated for insect infestation?

a. If so, when?

b. What were the chemicals used?


(f) Has the dwelling ever been tested for radon gas and/or lead paint?

1. If so, when?

2. What were the results?


(g) Has the dwelling ever been inspected by an inspector?

1. If so, when?

2. Were any problems noted?

3. Is a copy of the inspection report available?


(h) Is the seller or seller's representative aware of any structural, mechanical, electrical or other material defects that may exist on the property?


(i) Has there ever been a fire in the dwelling?

1. If so, when?

2. What areas were involved?

3. What chemical cleaners, if any were used for cleanup?


(j) Has there ever been a hazardous waste spill on the property?


(k) Is there is an underground storage tank on the property?


There is no legal obligation, duty, or requirement on behalf of the seller or seller's representative to answer the above questions and the Inspector shall not be held liable for the accuracy of third party information.