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MA Licensed Home Inspector #346,  Mt. Vernon Inspection Associates


September 23, 2008

I have had the privilege of working twice with Harold while looking to buy my home. He is the consummate professional in his field. Extremely knowledgeable, personable and thorough, Harold provided a level of confidence in the process which I sorely needed. Harold went above and beyond, providing valuable insights I needed to assess my purchase. I would not hesitate to use him again and recommend him hands down to anyone in need of his services.   Alex K 



Oct 9, 2008


Harold Popp performed a thorough inspection of a 100+-year-old home we were under agreement to purchase. His services included inspection of interior and exterior of the home, and included pest inspection and radon test. We were very pleased with Mr. Popp's services. He was flexible in accommodating our schedule, and he arrived early for the appointment. He is very thorough and stops to explain the details of his findings throughout the process, in layman's terms. In the course of his inspection he uncovered a number of serious issues with the house, including major termite damage and serious electrical and plumbing issues. Based on the issues he uncovered, we ultimately decided to not purchase the home, and we are glad we had the info he provided before signing on the dotted line.




July 14, 2008


I was referred to Harold (owner of Mt. Vernon Inspection Associates) through the real estate broker with my 1st purchase in 2005. At the time, Harold was professional and very detailed. I highly recommend him. In 2008, we call Harold again for inspection on another home. Again, we were completely satisfied with the service; very detailed and thorough. In addition to the inspection, he likes to describe many of the small details about the house, which is very comforting for a new home owner. Harold does check the appliances and provides a written report on site. Lastly, he was available after the inspection to answer additional questions. I highly recommend Mt. Vernon Inspection Associates.




November 15, 2008


5 star rating!


Ok, I have been to at the very least, 100 thousabillion home inspections. Once for my own home purchase and the other 99+thousabillion times for work. I have been on both sides. I have worked with the corporate inspectors like Tiger, US Inspect, and the ASHI certified inspectors (to name a few), Independent contractors and other breeds. I recommend to my clients, friends, coworkers & for my very own personal real estate purchasing endeavors: Harold Popp and his son Craig Popp from Mt. Vernon Inspection Associates. This is the type of business you want to support. A local father son team that will honestly evaluate the home you are seeking to purchase. Most offers to buy a home are contingent on a successful home inspection. This inspection can make or break your deal. It is important that your inspector is trust worthy and well informed. I could not trust the Popp's any more than I already do. They are thorough and aren't there to scare you about a leaky pipe, water damage, poor tiling, or the dreaded asbestos!! They call it like they see it. They are on your side, yet remain neutral because they will tell you all of the facts (even the one's you may or may not want to hear). If I had a dollar for every home inspection I have endured, I would & should be in Bora Bora on vacation right now. I promise you are in good hands!




“Harold is a first rate, knowledgeable inspector, who is looking out for your interests in a realistic way. He communicates clearly. He inspected a very old house for me and I had no unforseen problems during the six years that I owned it. Although I have moved away, my 35 year old son used him to buy a two family in Somerville. Harold helped him steer clear of two bad deals and, then, ultimately into a sound purchase a few years ago. He is simply the best.”

Mike R, 1995


February 23, 2009

Mary and I just wanted to thank you again for a FABULOUS inspection last Wednesday in Newton Centre.  At your suggestion, we brought in a termite inspector and a contractor earlier today and have decided to withdraw our offer on the house due to the slew of unknowns in the property.  Your inspection was thorough, detailed and extremely useful in helping us to reach this conclusion and we appreciate your professionalism and integrity!  We look forward to working with you in the future and also to referring friends to you.  Joe B.



“I really appreciated how Harold took the time to explain how to maintain my heating unit and other helpful tips, which is so important to being successful in homeownership. It was not a rushed job and I felt confident and satisfied with the service I received, it was top of the line. I often recommend Harold to homebuyers as I know his company represents integrity.”

Michelle C, 2005



“I have used Harold for four home inspections between 1995 and 2004. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I have referred many of our law firm clients to Harold and I have received positive feedback from them as well. I would highly recommend Harold Popp for home inspection projects.”      

Andrew O, hired Harold as a Home Inspector in 1995, and hired Harold more than once



“I organized dozens of homebuying classes as the director of Watertown Community Housing, and Harold did a number of presentations for our "students." He was a pleasure to work with (organized, punctual, friendly) and extremely dynamic as a presenter. I listened to his talk multiple times, and always learned something new. If I were in the market for a home inspector, I would hire Harold in a heartbeat!”

Dori P, Hired Harold as a Presenter at Homebuying Class in 2006, and hired Harold more than once



“Harold is an extraordinary home inspector. His knowledge on homes is unmatched. He made me feel extremely secure in my decision. He saved me from a sure disaster in a home I was ready to purchase. If not for his insight I would have been up the creek without a paddle for sure. He also has helped me purchase two other homes that I had little or no problems with thanks to Harold. When it comes to making decision on home buying I wouldn't do it without Mt. Vernon Inspections!” 

Matt L, hired Harold as a Home Inspector in 2001, and hired Harold more than once




“Harold is one of the best home inspectors I've worked with during my real estate career. He's always recommended to my buyers and sellers clients because he good, knowledgeable, honest and helps the client understand their new home which is important.” 

Danyl C., Real Estate Consultant, Realty Executives Greater Boston




Harold provided detailed information & documentation on my home purchase. His work on my behalf resulted in an opportunity to greatly enhance our home purchase with honest, certifiable details that resulted in an additional 6% price reduction. A fabulous return on my home inspection investment! 

David B, hired Harold as a Home Inspector in 2008




“I first met Harold through a buyer client in 2004. Since then I have come across many home inspectors some good some not so good, He is in the top 3. Harold has worked with a majority of my buyer clients from first time home buyers to very experienced buyers all who have been very pleased with his inspection. You know with Harold there will always be a very thorough and comfortable inspection with all your questions answered. I highly recommend Mt Vernon.”

Ed J, hired Harold as a Home Inspector in 2004, and hired Harold more than once



“Harold has performed home inspection for the purchase of both my home and my daughter's (we recommended Harold to her) Additionally when we were having an issue with our upstairs condo neighbor, we hired Harold to come be the "expert" inspector to figure out where the issue/damage was coming from. Harold is thorough and knowledgable. I would recommend him again if given the opportunity.” 

Nina C, hired Harold as a home inspection in 2007, and hired Harold more than once



“Harold and the Mt. Vernon team were on our side, looking out for our interests during our home inspection. They were thorough, meticulous, and strong advocates for us. Buying a home can be a scary process and there aren't a lot of people around who are looking out for the buyer - Harold and Mt. Vernon made us feel a lot better about our home buying experience and their recommendations helped us to be better negotiators with the seller. Highly recommend!”

David,  hired Harold as a Home Inspector in 2007



“Having been in the real estate industry for over 13 years, I have used many inspectors. But by far Harold is one of the best home inspectors I have ever met. His deep knowledge of buildings is evident when he does an inspection. If you need a home inspector, Harold Popp is the one to call!” 

Thayer M, hired Harold as a Home Inspector in 2000, and hired Harold more than once



“I cannot imagine that there is a more capable, professional, expert home inspector in New England.”

Larry H, hired Harold as a Home inspection in 2000



“I highly recommend Harold Popp as a home inspector. As a Buyer's Agent in Real Estate I often have occasion to recommend a good home inspector to my buyer clients. Harold is always first on my list because I know that my clients will get a thorough, competent and fair home inspection. In fact, when I work for out-of-town buyers and must choose an inspector on their behalf to do the inspection without them Harold is my inspector of choice. He calls them as he sees them.” 

Roberta S., hired Harold as a Home Inspector in 1999, and hired Harold more than once



“Harold is a true pro who only has his client’s best interests at heart. I have used his services and have also referred him on several occasions with extremely positive results. If you are a 1st time home buyer or you have been through the process before Mt.Vernon will give you the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a true professional with integrity who takes pride in a job well done!” 

Jack M, was Harold's client